Patients Obligations

Following are the patients’ obligations:
  • Provide health care provider full information about illness or health problem to allow proper evaluation and treatment
  • Ask sufficient questions to ensure an understanding of illness or health problem
  • Health facility timings must be strictly observed
  • Properly follow the provider's recommendations for continuing care including medication and follow up evaluations
  • Show courtesy and respect to health care personnel and to patients
  • Not to indulge in anything which leads to discomfort for other patients
  • Never lend personal identification to others for use to obtain health care when patient is entitled for free health care through some organization
  • If necessary, cancel or reschedule an appointment as far in advance as possible, so that the time may be given to someone else
  • Promptly fulfill financial obligations to Health Services
  • Never give medication prescribed for patient to others
  • Communicate with health care provider if condition worsens or does not follow the expected course
  • Never give false information to health care provider