Circular Letters

1 Allocation of Injection Tocilizumab (200 MG)08.05.2021
2 Instructions for Offices and Hospitals during Eid Vacation07.05.2021
3 Declaration of Assets held and Acquired by Government Servants28.04.2021
4 Complaints regarding Judiciary on Pakistan Citizens Portal(PCP)28.04.2021
5 Curbing Land Grabbing / Qabza Mafia through Provision of Exclusive Complaint Category on Pakistan Citizens Portal(PCP)28.04.2021
6 Instructions to Avoid Illegal - Illicit Practices by Feild Formations27.04.2021
7 Request for Provision of Assets Declared by Pharmacy Cadre27.04.2021
8 Re-Opening of Resolved - Closed Complaints for Better and Lawful Resolution through Effective Supervision27.04.2021
9 Advisory - Manufacturing of Iphone-12 in India (Advisory No 20)26.04.2021
10 E-Leaning 2021 Multilateral Training Programmes under China Aid26.04.2021