1 Law, Ethics and Disciplinary Committee03.05.2019
2 Product Vocabulary Medical Store of Pulmonology30.04.2019
3 Gereralized specifications PVMS of Medical Equipment pertaining to Cardiology Speciality18.04.2019
4 Specification for following Medical Equipment pertaining to Neurosurgery / Neurology16.04.2019
5 Cleaness Day15.04.2019
6 SHC&ME Department notified the Punjab Mental Health Authority. This will serve as the backbone for the improvement of healthcare services provision for people with mental/psychological disorder/ diseases.08.04.2019
7 Post RN-B.Sc. Nursing (Two Years Degree Programme) at the Post Graduate College of Nursing and at all the college of nursing in Punjab29.03.2019
8 Policy of in-service nursing officer for various Post Graduate Training Courses at various Post Graduate Nursing Institutions in Pakistan29.03.2019
9 Revision of the existing rates of user charges realized from private and paying patients in all Specialized & Tertiary Care / DHQ Hsospitals.18.02.2019
10 Draft of Generalized Specifications of Electrophysiology Equipment pertaining to Cardiology Specialty, SHC&ME Department.13.02.2019


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