SrNo.TitleClosing DateDownload
1 Technical Evaluation Report regarding Purchase of IT Equipments at FJMU Lahore19.04.2018
2 Minutes of TAC and Bid Evaluation Report regarding Electro Medical Equipment, Refrigerator, Photocopier etc at PGMI Lahore19.04.2018
3 Minutes of Meeting regarding Post Convocation Dinner at FJMU Lahore19.04.2018
4 Minutes of Meeting of Purchase of Goods-Equipments for Laboratory at Kot Khawaja Saeed Hospital Lahore19.04.2018
5 Bid Evaluation Criteria for Annual Contract of Tuck Shop Emergency Waiting Area at SIMS-Services Hospital Lahore19.04.2018
6 Technical Evaluation Report regarding Purchase of RO System GMNSH Yakki Gate Lahore18.04.2018
7 Technical Evaluation Report regarding Purchase of Cold Room at GMNSH Yakki Gate Lahore18.04.2018
8 Minutes of TAC regarding Purchase of Computers with Printers at RIC Rawalpindi18.04.2018
9 Minutes of TAC regarding Electro Medical Equipment for Paeds Cardiac Surgery at RIC Rawalpindi18.04.2018
10 Minutes of TAC regarding Electricity & Sui Gas Test Audit – Commissioning at RIC Rawalpindi18.04.2018