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Promotion of Medical Officers (BS-17) and Woman Medical Officers (BS-17) as Consultants (BS-18)

8th May 2015

Consequent upon recommendations of the Departmental Promotion Committee in its meeting, Medical Officers (BS-17) and Woman Medical Officers (BS-17) are hereby promoted as Consultants (BS-18) against following specialties:


  1. Anaesthetist
  2. Cardiologist
  3. ENT Specialist
  4. Gyanaecologist
  5. Neuro Surgeon
  6. Ophthalmologist
  7. Orthopedic Surgeon
  8. Paediatrician
  9. Pathologist
  10. Psychiatrist
  11. Physician
  12. Radiologist
  13. Radiotherapist
  14. Surgeon
  15. TB & Chest
  16. Urologist



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