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Patients Rights

Following are the patients’ rights:

  • To be treated with dignity, respect, courtesy and privacy. Health care is a basic human right and must be given regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, age, lifestyle or illness
  • To be greeted by name and to receive information on health services, the routines, policies, and facilities
  • To be able to identify care providers with their name and designation
  • Health care to be provided by qualified and experienced health care professionals
  • Receiving necessary health care education and/or counseling enabling to understand and be informed of the plan for their care, including an explanation of procedures, medications and treatments ordered
  • To have physical access, if physically or visually impaired, to the staff and to have effective communication with staff regardless of impairment
  • To receive consultation/treatment on appointment time or on his turn if appointment has not been taken
  • Patient’s disclosures and records are treated confidentially. Patients are given the opportunity to approve or refuse release of such information except when required by law
  • To be provided with complete information concerning their diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. When it is medically inadvisable to give such information to a patient, the information is provided to a person designated by the patient or to a legally authorized person
  • Refuse any treatment that is not understood
  • To have an opportunity to discuss with the health care provider, their health problems/health needs and to participate, along with their family, in their individual health care plan and address any questions or problems about their medical care
  • To be informed of their right to change health care providers
  • Advertising regarding competence and capabilities of Health Services staff should not be misleading to patients
  • To be provided information about:
    • Patient’s rights listed above
    • Patient’s conduct and responsibilities
    • Services available
    • Provision of continuous hour after-hour care
    • Fee for services
    • Patient's right to refuse to participate in experimental research
    • Methods for expressing grievances and suggestions to the organization
  • To expect the health Services professional to be your advocate
  • To expect the staff nurse to be responsible for informing the health services physician or other health care provider of changes in their condition
  • To receive basic nursing care including concern for personal hygiene and safety, nutrition, activity, rest and comfort according to their needs
  • To have access to all health care facilities/services when in emergency
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