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Directorate General of Nursing

History of Nursing Directorate

  • Before establishment of Directorate Nursing Services and Education were under the control of secretary Health Punjab, and Medical Superintendent of the concerned hospital. The highest post in Nursing Services was Deputy Secretary Nursing at Secretariat  Level.  
  • Before 1986 no posts of BS-19 to BS-20 were exist.
  • In 1986 the following posts were created:
    • 3 Posts of BS-20
      {Director General Nursing, Punjab Chief Nursing Superintendents/Principals  School of  Nursing Mayo Hospital, LHR }
    • 9 Posts of BS-19
      {DDN, DCNS, Principals SON in Teaching Hospitals}
    • 21 Posts of BS-18
      {AND Head Quarter, Principal, NS, & ADNS at Divisional Level }
    • 79 Posts of BS-17
      {Nursing Instructor,  Clinical Nursing Instructor were created}
  • The other posts of all cadre has been created time to time.
  • After establishment of Directorate General Nursing, the post of Deputy Secretary Nursing at Secretariat level was demolished, now no Nursing representative is there to support Nursing Cadre.
  • Directorate of Nursing is functioning since, 1988 in order to bring the Nursing Services at Par with the other professions of the Health Department, the honorable Governor of the Punjab accorded approval to the creation of Directorate General Nursing in 1st July, 1986 at the Provincial Headquarter along with the following Nursing Officers:-
    • Director General Nursing, Punjab        1    (BS-20)
    • Deputy Director Nursing, Punjab         1    (BS-19)
    • Assistant Directors Nursing (Headquarter)    2    (BS-18)
    • Assistant Directors Nursing (District level)    10    (BS-18)
  • But unfortunately out of 8 Posts of Assistant Director Nursing BPS-18 (Divisional Level) only 4 Posts are existing and others are demolished / occupied by others



  • To Change the Present Situation of Nursing in Punjab.
  • To up-date the skills, knowledge and competence of Nursing personnel of the Punjab in accordance with latest international quality standard.
  • To reframe the service structure of the Nursing Cadre.
  • To reformed the curriculum, pedagogy and qualification standards
  • To Change and  improve the perception of nursing profession among the people, society in general and medical profession specially.
  • To Setup an Nursing research center in Punjab  and form a research group in order to identify the major problems of nurses and find out solution for them on an academic basis.
  • To introduce the modern technology and method among the nursing teachers , instructors to up-date their knowledge and skills.
  • To setup the human resource cell for nurses with respect of education and  qualification competence training and experience in order to make a data base for urban and rural nurses in Punjab.
  • Take and initiative and sustain writing nursing book in Pakistan for Pakistani nurses.
  • Improve the standard of Nursing Services and Education.
  • To provide quality care to the patients.
  • To evaluate the need of expansion in the infrastructure and learning resources.
  • To introduce and create awareness about computer training.


Functions of Nursing Services

  • Nursing Services
  • Nursing Education

Nursing Services

  • Administrative control of entire Nursing cadres.
  • Preparation of promotion cases of BPS-16, BPS-17 & BPS-18.
  • Disciplinary cases like show cause, warning, major penalty, minor penalty, enquiry proceeding & exonerate enquiry.
  • All category of leave upto 89 days except Ex-Pakistan leave / Study Leave, medical leave.
  • NOC Routed though Punjab Health Department to Ministry of Health, Islamabad.

After devolution Plan in 2003 the administrative and financial control of Nursing Services and Education were given under the control of the EDOs of Districts detail is as under:-

Sr. No. Institution To Whom Administrative and Financial Control
1 Nursing Schools attached with DHQ Hospitals. The Executive District Officer (Health), DCO & Principal of the concerned Districts.
2 Nursing Schools located / attached with Teaching Hospitals Principal of concerned Medical and Health Institutions.
3 Nursing Schools attached with special institutions Respective head of the Institutions
4 DHQ / THQ Hospitals The Executive District Officer (Health), DCO & M.S of the concerned Districts.
5 RHC DCO, EDO(H) & SMO of the concerned Districts

Staff Position of Nursing Officers/ Officials of Directorate General of Nursing, Punjab, Lahore

Sr. No. Name of Post BPS Sanctioned
1 D.G.Nursing, Punjab, Lahore 20 1
2 Dy. D. Nursing, Punjab, Lahore 19 1
3 Assistant Director Nursing 18 2
4 Supporting Staff 1 To 16 38

Positions of Nursing Cadre

Sr. No. Basic Scale Sanctioned Filled Vacant
1 20 6 5 1
2 19 22 3 19
3 18 98 79 19
4 17 1359 899 460
5 16 11065 10181 884+1489 (Adhoc)=2373

Detail of Nursing Officers Working In Various Institutions In Punjab at Clinical Side

Sr. # Posts BPS Sanctioned Filled Vacant Requirement according to PNC Additional Requirement
1 Charge Nurses 16 11065 8692 2373 19990 8925
2 Head Nurses 17 1057 688 369 5971 4945
3 Dy. Nursing Supdt. 17 5 - - 17 12
4 Nursing Supdt. 18 46 29 17 62 16
5 Nursing Supervisor 18 Nil Nil Nil 126 126
6 Assistant Director Nursing 18 2 2 Nil 4 2
7 Deputy Chief Nursing Supdt. 19 10 2 14 30 14
8 Deputy Director 19 1 - - 2 1
9 D.G Nursing 20 1 1 - - -

Current Nurse Patient Ratio

Sr. # Total No. of Patient Bed in Punjab Total No. of Hospitals Total No. of Staff Nurses General Nurse Patient Ration Requirement of charge nurses according to PNC
1 30,875 Sp. Inst.= 21
DHQ = 36
THQ = 109
RHC = 301

(11065 Regular)
(1489 Adhoc)

1:11 19990


Nursing Education

  • Monitoring of the Nursing Schools.
  • Provide the advisory services.

Schools of Nursing In Punjab

Sr. # Name of School Sanction Stipendiary seats Total No. of Schools Input Total No. of Midwifery Schools Output
1 Government Sector 5991 43 1723 2 1584
2 Private Sector 978 6 321   297


Detail of Nursing Officers Working In Venous Institutions In Punjab at Education Side

Sr. # Name of Posts BPS Sanctioned Filed Vacant Requirement according to PNC Additional Requirement
1 Asst. Nursing Instructor 17 41 38 13 Nil Nil
2 Clinical Nursing Instructor 17 70 42 28 150 80
3 Nursing Instructor 17 171 120 50 350 179
4 Senior Nursing Instructor 18 16 10 6 60 44
5 Vice Principal 18 1 1 Nil 18 17
6 Principal 18 32 18 14 42 10
7 Principal 19 9 3 6 18 9
8 Principal 20 2 1 1 6 4

Admission Criteria for General Nursing

  • Distribution of Seats of Nursing 1st Year
  1. Open merit on all Punjab Basis          30%
    (Candidate from the concerned district will also be eligible to compete)
  2. Close Merit for the District                    65%

Split of these 65% seats into District basis is hereby abandoned Selection will be made from the merit list of the candidates domiciled in the district. If the eligible candidate (as per criteria) are not available from within the district concerned, selection should be added on open merit basis (all Punjab)

  1. LHVs/Midwives.                                      03%
    (Preference will be given to employees of the Health Department)
  2. Departmental candidates                    02%

The candidates in these categories (3 & 4) will have to qualify the criteria for Age, Qualification, Physical fitness & marital status. In the absence of eligible candidates in these categories, selection will be made form open merit all Punjab  

  • Age
    Maximum age limit will be 20 years, relaxable up-to 25 years. One merit list of all candidates (including widows & divorced) up-to relaxable age in respective categories will be prepared and relaxation will be sought out by the Principal of the concerned school of candidates between 20 to 25 years, falling on merit form the Health Department Maximum age limit for the widows and divorced candidates will remain the same. i.e. up-to 30 years, relaxable up-to further five years

Academic Qualification

  • F.Sc Pre-Medical 50% marks (first preference).
  • Matric 55% marks in aggregate Science Subject (physics, chemistry biology).
    (note: Additional 20 marks for Hafiz-e-Quran only)
  • Marital Status will only be considered if no eligible un-married applicant is available, and the applicant provides and affidavit that her family life will not effect her studies and training during the course, and she will not refuse any assignment related with her training on this basis.


Physical Fitness

Certificate from Government, semi-Government Medical Officer of Grade–18 be obtained with application, after selection, Medical Board will assess fitness of the candidate.

Marital Status

For fresh candidate

  • Unmarried the condition will continue till passing the training.
  • For divorced and widows, remarriage after admission will be debarred.

Admission Criteria for Community Midwifery

Admission will be granted to female candidates having passed matriculation examination or equivalent with minimum 45% marks (Both Arts and Science students are eligible, but preference will be given to Science students)

Selection Committee

Chairman Principal of concerned Nursing School
Members Representative of honorable Secretary, Government of the Punjab, Health Department (for Lahore District)
  Executive Districts Officers concerned or Representative.       
  Additional Medical Superintendent (concerned Hospital)
  Senior Nursing Instructor of the concerned General Nursing School
  • Number of Schools
    Total Number of General Nursing and Midwifery, School, Government of the Punjab = 44 Nurse Midwife Schools in the Punjab=02
  • Total Number of Stipendary Seats
    Total Stipendiary seats for General Nursing =4621
    Total Stipendiary seats for Nurse Midwifery=1370
    Total Stipends=5991

Duration of Course and Monthly Stipend During  Dec. 2011

General Nursing (3 Year)            Rs.11,100/-P.M
Nurse Midwifery (1 Year)             Rs.11,100 /-P.M

Additional Requirement of Teaching Staff According to Pakistan Nursing Council Criteria

Nursing Instructor

Total Stipendiary Seats=5991
        (General Nursing+ Nurse Midwifery)

Total sanctioned seats of N. Instructor=171

Requirement according to PNC criteria=240
        (1 Nursing Instructor for 25 Students)

Additional requirement=240 – 171=69
         (on present stipend strength)

Clinical Instructor

Total Stipendiary Seats=5991
                (General Nursing + Nurse Midwife)

Total sanctioned seats of Clinical Instructors=56
Requirement according to PNC criteria=240
                (1 Clinical Instructor for 25 Students)

Additional requirement=240 – 56=184        
                (184 Clinical Instructors are required for present stipend strength)

Class Wise Subject and Hours

Subject Ist Year Theory Hours Clinical/Lab Hours
Fundamentals of Nursing 170 510
Community Health Nursing 50 150
Nutrition 20 0
Anatomy 100 100
Physic & Chemistry 40 20
Micro-Biology 20 0
History and Ethics of Nursing 20 0
English 100 0
Total: 520 780
Subject 2nd Year Theory Hours Clinical/Lab Hours
English. 60 0
Islamic Studies/Ethics 30 0
Sociology 30 0
Psychology 30 0
Medical/Surgical Nursing 140 420
Paediatric Nursing 85 255
Community Health Nursing II 50 150
Total: 425 825
Subject 3rd Year Theory Hours Clinical/Lab Hours
Medical/Surgical Nursing 160 480
Community Health Nursing III 40 120
Psychiatric Nursing 50 150
Nursing leadership 30 90
Pakistan Studies 30 -
English 60 -
Total:  370 840
Subject 4th Year Theory Hours Clinical/Lab Hours
Obstetric 144 666
Obstetrical Nursing 144 666
Total: 288 1332

Specializations, Courses and Degree Program In Govt. of Punjab

Postgraduate College of Nursing, Punjab, Lahore is offering eight (8) disciplines/courses for Nursing Staff on deputation basis, who have three years experience as Charge Nurse.

College of Nursing, Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore also offers four (4) year B.Sc-Generic Degree. The initial requirement of which is F.Sc.

College of Nursing, Nishtar Medical College, Lahore also offers four (4) year B.Sc-Generic Degree. The initial requirement of which is F.Sc.

Detail of Disciplines

Sr. No. Name of Courses Duration Level
1 Ward Management 1 Year Postgraduate
2 Nursing Education 1 Year Postgraduate
3 Coronary Care Nursing 1 Year Specialized
4 Accident and Emergency 1 Year Specialized
5 Paediatric Nursing 1 Year Specialized
6 Ophthalmic Nursing 1 Year Specialized
7 Neuro Science 1 Year Specialized
8 Psychiatric Nursing 1 Year Specialized

4 Years Bsc Nursing Program In Punjab

  • The B.Sc. Nursing four-year Degree Program is a great achievement of the Government of Punjab. It is a degree program, leading to eligibility for licensure as a registered nurse, and simultaneous attainment of a bachelor’s degree in nursing. It is designed to prepare knowledgeable clinically competent professional nurses.
  • This beginning step will be milestone of new era of nursing profession in Punjab.
  • Goal
    Educate nurses to provide exemplary nursing care appropriate to the needs of urban and rural populations in hospitals and communities.
  • Objectives
    Upon gradation, students will be able to demonstrate responsibility and accountability to the nursing profession by:-
    • Utilizing scholarly skills and scientific methods in critiquing and applying existing theories and research findings in selected practice settings.
    • Demonstrating attitudes and socio-political skills to influence and to facilitate individuals, families, communities, institutions and colleagues (in nursing and associated professions) to mobilize and allocate identified resources to meet health needs.

Current Situational Analysis

  1. Philosophy of B.Sc. Nursing
  • Pakistan is an Islamic Republic State which gives priority to religious values for all people. Other religions are respected and accepted. Islamic law and tradition prescribe the obligation to care for one’s family and neighbors in sickness and adversity. The development of nursing in Pakistan is based on the acceptance of these religious values.
  • To ensure a safe delivery of quality nursing services, an adequate supply of nurses and supporting resources must be provided for nursing education and nursing practice.
  1. Mission Statement
  • To educate nurses to provide exemplary nursing care appropriate to the needs of urban and rural populations in hospitals and communities of Pakistan.


Achievements In The Year 2011

  • The notification with regard to increase Rs.10,000/- for Charge Nurses and Rs. 7500/- for entire Nursing Cadre has been issued by the Government of the Punjab vide letter No. SO(NC)2-26/2004(Vol-ii) Dated 19.01.2012.
  • Promotion process from BS-16 to BS-17 is being exercised on monthly basis, we have completed and promoted 45 Charge Nurses to the rank of Head Nurses in DPC held on 10.12.2011 & 11.01.2012 have been cleared for promotion in next DPC meeting dated 11.12.2011.
  • We are in process to complete the promotion cases of Nursing Instructors, DNS BS-17 to the rank of Assistant Director Nursing, Principal and Nursing Superintendent BS-18 which is near to be completed.
  • Presently we have about 19 vacant post in BS-18 and trying to exercise the promotion process of the Nursing Officers in BS-18 to be promoted against vacant posts in BS-19, so that we will be able to extend the opportunity of promotion of Nursing Officers of BS-17.
  • Vacant post of Charge Nurses have been requisition to Punjab Public Service Commission for its filling on regular basis.
  • Post of Head Nurses, Nursing Instructors, Assistant Nursing Instructor has also been requisitioned to Public Service Commission.


Nursing Examination Board Punjab, Lahore

Brief of Nursing Examination Board, Punjab, Lahore

In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 26(1) read with section 11(3) of the Pakistan Nursing Council Act 1973 (Act. XXVI of 1973) with the previous sanction of the Federal Government is pleased to make the following regulations:


  1. This regulation shall be called the Provincial Nursing Examination Board’s (Functioning) Regulation , 1980.
  2. The Provincial Nursing Examination Boards shall make rules for the conduct of their proceeding with the approval of Pakistan Nursing Council.

The rules so framed shall not be contrary to the provisions of the Pakistan Nursing Council, Act, 1973 and Regulations framed by the Pakistan Nursing Council there under.

Staff Position of Nursing Examination Board, Punjab, Lahore

Sr. No. Name of Post BPS Sanctioned
1 Controller 18 1
2 Assistant Controller 17 1
3 Administrative Officer 17 1
4 Support staff 1 To 12 10

Functions of The Nursing Examination Board

The Nursing Examination Boards conduct examinations of the various categories of Nurses and L.H.V’s as under:-

  1. First Year Nursing
  2. Second Year Nursing
  3. Final Year Nursing
  4. Nurse Midwife
  5. Community Midwife
  6. Lady Health Visitor
  7. Section II
  8. LHV Section III
  • Constitution and By Laws
    There shall be established a Board, under Section: 11 of the Pakistan Nursing Council, Act 1973 to be known as the Provincial Nursing Examination Board, which shall be a body cooperative having perpetual secession and common seal shall by the said name sue and be sued.
  • Definition
    “BOARD” means the Provincial Nursing Examination Board constituted under Section; 11 of the Pakistan Nursing Council Act, 1973 “Chairman” mean the Chairman of Provincial Nursing Examination Board.
  • Ex Officio Members
  1. Secretary, Government of the Province. Health Department. Chairman
  2. Director General Nursing, Punjab, Lahore. Vice-Chairman
  3. Controller of Examination shall be ex-officio Member and act as Secretary to the Board.
  • Other Members
  1. One Doctor directly involved in teaching of Nurses.
  2. Three Nurses directly involved in teaching of Nurses/Midwives/Health Visitors to be nominated by the Provincial Government.
  • Term of Office of Members
  1. Subject to the provision of these rule, a nominated member shall hold office for a term of three years from the date of this nomination.
  2. A nominated member may at any time resign his office by writing under his hand addressed to the Chairman of the Board and the seat of such member shall there upon become vacant.
  3. A nominated member shall be informed to have vacated his seat:
  1. If he ceases to represent the particular interest which he has nominated to represent.
  2. If he is declared by the Board to have been absent without sufficient cause from three consecutive meetings of the Board.
  3. A nominated member shall be eligible for re-nomination but not more than two consecutive terms.

The nomination of members other than those appointed by virtue of their office shall be notified by the Government of the Provinces.

  • The Board Shall Be Empowered To
  1. Appoint examiners, set date for all examinations of the Nurses/Midwives and Health Visitors. The term of an examiner appointed by the Board shall not be more than 3 years at a time.
  2. Regulates the conduct of examinations of Nurses/ Midwives/ Health visitors and issue diplomas/ certificates.
  3. Scrutinize relevant documents in connection with admission for all examinations.
  4. Prescribing fee, remuneration and allowances payable to all those appointed by the Board in connection with the examination conducted by the Board.
  5. Prescribe the prices of certain publications published by the Board.
  6. Provide for refund of fees realized by the Board in justifiable cases.

List of Institutions Whose Examinations Taken By Nursing Examination Board

Nursing Training Institutions General Nursing Nurse Midwives Community Midwives L.H. Visitors
Government 42 44 18 9
Private 3 3 9 2
Mission 2 1 3 -
Federal 2 2 - -
Army 7 7 - -
Azad Kashmir 1 1 1 1
Total: 58 59 31 12

The Examination Centres for Nurses for Theory & Practical

  1. D.H.Q Hospital, Rahim Yar Khan.
  2. Bahawal Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur.
  3. Nishtar Hospital, Multan.
  4. Nancy Fulwood Hospital, Sahiwal.
  5. D.H.Q Hospital, Sargodha.
  6. Memorial Christian Hospital/SON, AIMH, Sialkot
  7. D.H.Q Hospital, Faisalabad.
  8. Rawalpindi General Hospital, Rawalpindi.
  9. D.H.Q Hospital, Jhelum.
  10. Mayo Hospital, Lahore.


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